Blair Arcade and Common Good Books close to Cathedral Hill Bed and Breakfast

Architectural detail in Ramsey Hill

Architectural detail in Ramsey Hill


While taking a walk in Ramsey Hill, be sure to stop by Common Good Books.  First of all, it is located in Blair Arcade which is a venerable building in its own right.  Second, you can rest at Nina’s Cafe which is right above the book store.  Cafeopolis describes Nina’s and Blair Arcade if you want further opinions.

So, come stay at Cathedral Hill Bed and Breakfast and then take your Architectural Scavenger hunt and have a lot of fun!

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Taste of Minnesota within minutes of Cathedral Hill Bed and Breakfast

Architectural Scavenger hunt clue 6

Architectural Scavenger hunt clue 6

The fireworks at the Taste of Minnesota are rated some of the best in the nation.  The fireworks show plays every night at 10 pm. This  year there are multiple music acts and fun family activities.

The Taste of Minnesota is located on Harriet Island which is not far from Cathedral Hill Bed and Breakfast.  We still have some rooms available, so  hurry and reserve one!  The dates of The Taste of Minnesota are July 2-5.

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Summit Avenue walking tour

Architectural detail Ramsey Hill

Architectural detail Ramsey Hill

There is a very nice walking tour of Summit Avenue which takes place on Saturdays and Sundays in the summmer.  It originates only blocks away from Cathedral Hill Bed and Breakfast.  Plan ahead and experience the neighborhood.  You might even see some of the scavenger hunt clues!

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Architectural scavenger hunt clue 4


This one should be easy!

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New Yorker fiction story by Franzen about Ramsey Hill

Scavenger Hunt Clue 3

The June 8-15th issue of the New Yorker has a story whose setting is Ramsey Hill in the 1970s-80s.  The author is Jonathan Franzen.  There are a few references to place names in the neighborhood.  If you lived here in the 1970s and 1980s, you will have to judge for yourself if the activities and characters seem true to the area.

We are on the third clue for our Scavenger Hunt.  When 20 clues have posted, guests can go out and find the address of the architectural detail, and, if they can find 15 of them, they get 10% off their stay at Cathedral Hill Bed and Breakfast.

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Scavenger Hunt Day 2 and Summit Hill Pub Crawl

Clue 2 and Summit Hill Special Pub Crawl
Clue 2 and Summit Hill Special Pub Crawl

On June 16, July 22 and August 19 there will be a pub crawl of Summit Hill.  You will learn the stories behind the  famous Victorian facade, and stop at some of the area’s fine drinking establishments.  This tour will be given through the Minnesota Historical Society.  The tours will leave from the History Center promptly at 7 pm and they will feature trolley rides.  Reservations required.

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Cathedral Hill B and B starts Scavenger Hunt


Above see an architectural detail on or around a building in Ramsey Hill. All details will be within walking distance of Cathedral Hill Bed and Breakfast.  When 20 pictures have been posted, our guests can go on a “hunt” and provide the addresses of the details and win 10% off their stay if they can find 15 of them.  It won’t be easy but it will be fun!

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Science Museum of Minnesota’s new exhibit

The Science Museum of Minnesota, only five minutes from Cathedral Hill Bed & Breakfast, will be opening a new exhibit on Friday June 13.  Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition is back, bigger than ever. This new version of the exhibit features full-size replicas of passenger cabins, more than 200 genuine artifacts from the RMS Titanic, and 25 artifacts from the Carpathia, a ship that helped rescue Titanic survivors. The exhibit also includes the spectacular Omnitheater film, Titanica, which takes viewers three miles deep into the ocean to see the great ship’s wreckage firsthand. Opens Friday.

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Historic neighborhood house tour

On September 13, 2009 the Ramsey Hill area will be alive with people taking a tour of a group of extraordinary homes, most built when the neighborhood was new in the late 1800s.  The lucky few who are staying at the Bed and Breakfast will be able to walk right out the door and begin the tour.  The Ramsey Hill Association puts on this tour only once every two years. It is a great treat!

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Segway tours to pass within 2 blocks of Cathedral Hill Bed and Breakfast

This month of June, a new urban Segway historical tour will be available in Saint Paul.  It starts at the Minnesota Historical Society and proceeds west down Summit Avenue , the longest avenue of Victorian homes in America.  For those staying at Cathedral Hill Bed and Breakfast, it will be so convenient because the Historical Society is within walking distance.  A recent article,  in the St. Paul Pioneer Press describes the tour.  It looks like a lot of fun!

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