Clue #12 and a guest reminisces

A bird's eye view reveals a tombstone on this roof!

A bird's eye view reveals a tombstone on this roof!

One of our guests had a good time remembering her childhood days in St. Paul.  Here is a little of what she remembered about St. Paul. 

“For a few years when I was 11-13 years old, I lived with an Aunt and Uncle in St. Paul during the school year returning to my home in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin in the summer (the reason for this arrangement was to give me a better education).  Our St. Paul home was at 1941 Stanford Avenue (at Prior) across the street from Nativity Parish, and I went to the Nativity School.  My Aunt was a beauty operator in the Bremer Arcade in downtown St. Paul, and I often would take the streetcar down St. Clair Avenue to 7th and Wabasha.  Then I would walk the couple of blocks to my Aunt’s shop on (I believe) St. Peter Street.”  …”Fast forward to 1997 when our guest was  going to William Mitchell.  Here is what she said: “The superb streetcar system of the Twin Cities had been changed to a bus system in the 1950s.  And the downtown which had many small shops along Wabasha and was crowded with shoppers now was just buildings and parking for cars–no more small businesses or people.  The word “criminality” was mentioned in this happening according to the write-up in your book.  Obviously, several people benefited from the change, but not the people living in the Twin Cities.  And, now, with the gasoline problems, global warming from the CO2, etc., people are starting to think “streetcar” again.”

Cathedral Hill Bed & Breakfast is located in the heart of the historic district. If you are coming to reminisce about days gone by, here is a great place to do it.

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