The Evolution of our B&B

This old house has seen many occupants.  It started out as a single family dwelling for about 40 years.  During the depression, it became a boarding house with untold number of occupants. As time went on, the boarding part of the equation disappeared and the house was divided up into five or more apartments.  The owners lived in what isn now the living room, dining room and kitchen and the rest of the building was subdivided.  Then came the commune in the 1970s. A group of young people from Macalester College bought the house and started putting it back into a single family dwelling, although there were eight unrelated individuals doing the renovation. 

Front hall as it now looks.

Then came our family…two parents and seven children!  That kept the bedrooms occupied for a generation.  Look at our front hall picture.  Then imagineno furniture, bare floors, leaves swirling around in the fall (children do not close doors) and children playing broom hockey!  Not exactly a tranquil Bed and Breakfast scene.  Next post I will describe the way we got into the B&B business


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