B&B evolution part 2

When our youngest child left home, we were in possession of a 9 bedroom house and 2 people to fill all those rooms!  But before the youngest left, we had some guests from our church (traveling preachers, trainers etc) who stayed here, and the glimmer of a B&B idea emerged.  Luckily, one of my friends from days past was running a B&B near Macalester College.  I contacted her and she was so helpful and so nice in answering my questions and helping me get licensed with the city.  When we did get our license, Linda was very generous and, in fact, provided us with our first guest because she could not accomodate her.  The guest was from overseas, and she was so grateful and so easy, that she set the tone for all that has followed since.  At the time, we just had one room but shortly after that we added another, and now we have two singles rooms and a suite.  We must have had in seven years 5000 or more guests and EVERY single one of them has been polite, respectful, interesting and fun.  

Now for a little visual excitement, here is a beautiful picture of the newell post in our front hall.


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