Radical hospitality is an idea that comes to us from the Benedictine tradition. In  Radical Hospitality: Benedict’s Way of Love,   Father Daniel Homan and Lonni Gollins Pratt write:
 “When I let a stranger into my heart, I let new possibility approach me. When I reach past my own ideas, I begin to stretch myself open to the world, and this opening of my heart could change everything… It is a spiritual practice, a way of becoming more human, a way of understanding yourself.  Hospitality is both the answer to modern alienation and injustice and a path to deeper spirituality.” 


At Cathedral Hill Bed and Breakfast, we have the privilege of meeting new people almost every day.  At first, the business of running a B&B just seemed like a natural extension of the kinds of things we have been doing for years: cooking for, conversing with and caring for those who lived in our house.  Of course, it is still all of that.  But, in addition, we realize that those who stay within our walls, are teaching us new attitudes and new ways to be in this world.  We have become the beneficiaries of the results of radical hospitality.  What a blessing. 

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