What makes you happy? And ideas for the first Mondays of the month.

We are looking for ideas.  When you first arrive at our B&B in the winter, assuming it is during regular check in times of 4-6 pm, which of the following would make you feel happy.

  • A fire in the fireplace?
  • A small cup of light warm soup such as a wonton soup in chicken broth?
  • A glass of wine?
  • Music playing in the entry area?
  • If none of these appeal to you, do you have any ideas that would be comforting or appealing to you?

1st Mondays at the Commodore, 79 Western Ave, 4-8pm. Cash bar, music, and conversation in the historic Art Deco Bar with unique, exotic treasures from world travelers, artists, designers, collectors and antique aficionados.


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Historic Preservation District

Did you know that the Cathedral Hill district, where Cathedral Hill Bed and Breakfast  is located, is a designated historic preservation area?   This is important because  you know that the neighborhood is protected from people changing the buildings to architecturally inappropriate styles.  The Cathedral hill district has more examples of Victorian architecture than any other place in the twin cities.   It would be ashamed to insert buildings of modern design into an area that was originally styles such as Queen Anne, Neo-Georgian and others of that ilk.

Next year we hope to remodel our carriage house and, in the process, we will have to get permission from the preservation commission for everything we do to the exterior of the building.  Although this is an arduous process, it is well worth it so that future generations will see a carriage house as it was when the horses lived there.

If you are not from St. Paul, do you have an Historic Preservaton Commission and/or district in  your city?


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Cathedral Hill B&B salutes the St. Paul Cathedral

“The Cathedral of Saint Paul is one of the largest and most historic churches in the United States. Its architectural grandeur and prominent site make it an integral part of the landscape of the capital city of Minnesota—whose name derives from the title of this great building. The Cathedral is rightly listed as a landmark on the National Register of Historic Places. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a treasure for all Americans and one that we can proudly compare to the great cathedrals of Europe. As a monument, the Cathedral is a destination for people of all beliefs.”

“The cornerstone was laid on June 2, 1907. The first liturgy was held on Palm Sunday, March 28, 1915. Work continued on the interior for decades. On October 14, 1958, it was consecrated by Archbishop William O’Brady, securing its place among the premier houses of worship in the United States. It was placed on the National Register of Historical Buildings in 1974.”

St. Paul Cathedral

St. Paul Cathedral

Cathedral of St. Paul

Cathedral of St. Paul

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New Room Names, New Rates

www.bbonthehill.com shows our new room names (thank you participants in the room naming contest).  The Master Suite is now the Iminijaska Suite.  This name comes from Linda Lesher from Fort Wayne, Indiana.  The name comes from an Ojibwe word which means White Rock and was the name the Native Americans used for this area.

The Queen room is now the Coleo Room and Coleo means “to be warmed” in Latin.  We liked the idea of people coming to the B&B and feeling warmed both literally and figuratively.

The King room is now the Canto Room and Canto means “to sing with joy” in Latin.  We liked the idea of our guests feeling full of joy so we  picked  Canto for the King room.  Pam Johnson of Edina, Minnesota won both the Coleo and Canto entries. New rates will start November 1st.  If you have a reservation already, we will honor the old rates beyond November 1st.  Basically, the Coleo room stays the same, the Canto room has been raised $10 on weekdays and $25 on weekends and the Iminijaska Suite has gone up $10 on both weekdays and weekend days.

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Another in door idea

I never thought I would  be reporting on things to do inside so soon.  Today is October 12th and it is snowy and snowing out!  It is hovering around 33 degrees, so there is not much accumulation but it is damp and feels cold and the snow is plopped down on the green shrubs.  So, here is another idea.
Downtown St. Paul, Rice Park is about a 5 minute drive from the B&B. The perimeter of the park is surrounded by the renovated St. Paul public library, the Saint Paul Hotel, the Landmark Center, and the Ordway Center.  The library and the Saint Paul Hotel and the Landmark Center all date from around 1900.  The Ordway Center is newer but it is a building which houses all kinds of musical and dramatic events.

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The weather is turning for sure.

What can you do at Cathedral Hill Bed and Breakfast when the weather turns (any one from Minnesota knows what I mean by that).  The next several posts, I will give you ideas.  Today’s idea is to visit the James J. Hill House which is within walking distance of the B&B.  Here is some verbiage from the J.J. Hill website to whet your appetite.

Rugged stone, massive scale, fine detail, and ingenious mechanical systems recall the powerful presence of James J. Hill, builder of the Great Northern Railway. Guides lead tours that help you imagine family and servant life in the Gilded Age mansion. Completed in 1891, the red sandstone residence was the setting of the public and private lives of the Hill family.

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Room Name Winners announced!

We have been holding a room name winner contest.  We asked for ideas and had the ideas sent to a third party email. We got the idea names (and at this point have no idea who won), but we thought we would share the new names with you. 

The Master Suite will soon be called Iminijaska.  That is an ojibwe name for St. Paul.  It means white rock.  It precedes the name “Pigs Eye”.
The King room will be called the Canto Room which means “To sing with joy”.
The Queen room will be called the Caleo Room which means “To be warmed”

The winners will be notified tomorrow, and they will receive a free night stay in the B&B in the room they named.  The website will be updated in the next couple of weeks to show the new room names.  Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest!

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