Historic Preservation District

Did you know that the Cathedral Hill district, where Cathedral Hill Bed and Breakfast  is located, is a designated historic preservation area?   This is important because  you know that the neighborhood is protected from people changing the buildings to architecturally inappropriate styles.  The Cathedral hill district has more examples of Victorian architecture than any other place in the twin cities.   It would be ashamed to insert buildings of modern design into an area that was originally styles such as Queen Anne, Neo-Georgian and others of that ilk.

Next year we hope to remodel our carriage house and, in the process, we will have to get permission from the preservation commission for everything we do to the exterior of the building.  Although this is an arduous process, it is well worth it so that future generations will see a carriage house as it was when the horses lived there.

If you are not from St. Paul, do you have an Historic Preservaton Commission and/or district in  your city?


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