Hush Puppies or Corn Fritters

This may bring a comment!  Our current guest who used to live in the south let me know that what we call corn fritters up here are known as hush puppies in the south.  Hush puppies are about an inch thick, deep fried and rolled in powdered sugar.  Corn fritters are shaped like pancakes and are abouit 1/2 inch thick.  We serve our fritters with honey.

Any comments?

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Adding a comment

Since we only received one comment ( a nice cup of hot chocolate would be nice)  so far,  I am thinking my kind readers do not know how to leave a comment.  Here is how.  Scroll down to the break between posts and then you will notice in tiny writing, between the two lines a place where it says “Leave a comment”.  Try it!  We value your ideas for hospitality on a cold winter night.  Just click on the area between the two lines and you will be brought to a comment box where you can type in your response.  Thanks!

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