Exterior Renovation Proceeds on Schedule

First, let me reassure the worried that the B&B is open for business as usual, and that our renovations only affect the outside of the building. Nothing is being done inside; all the work’s already been done there, as you can see from the photos at our website.

488 from the outside, C. 2003So, this is what we started with. Unattractive broad siding that was put on sometime between the 1930s and 1971, and covered up most of the detail of the house. There’s also a porch that was replaced, badly, sometime in the same time period. Essentially a box with a few Victorian-ish features. Unremarkable and kind of odd looking.

488 Holly during exterior renovation, Aug 18, 2014Here’s where we are after all the ugly siding has been removed. The original clapboards are in surprisingly good shape, considering their age.

However, there’s still some work to do before painting can commence.

Detail of 488 Holly exterior renovation, Aug 18, 2014There are missing boards to be replaced.

Detail of 488 Holly exterior renovation, Aug 18, 2014There are holes to be patched, both from blowing in insulation (the round holes) and wear and tear.

488 Holly exterior renovation, Aug 18, 2014We also need to recreate some of the molding that was removed in favor of the ugly siding. It stuck out too far for the siding to go over it, and was inconveniently placed for it to go around. The dark stripes at the top of the pilaster at the corner of the house show where molding is missing, for instance.

Once everything is ship-shape and tight, we power wash and then on to the painting. It’s very exciting!

We’ve already made enormous progress towards our endpoint. You can really start to see it.

488 Holly in c.1930s

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