More Renovation News

Here are some more pictures from the renovation.


Here’s the house with the porch stripped down to its essentials – no siding or skirting – preparatory to its being taken down all together.


Up close the rough boards that make up the core of the porch smell like a historic log cabin; old wood and time.


These stones were part of the infrastructure of the original porch and will be reused to clad the supporting piers for the new porch.

IMG_4811 IMG_4826 IMG_4848

They’re patching up the holes and filling in the gaps in the old siding left by various incursions over time, including insulation, rot, and removal.

IMG_4871 IMG_4874

Color is also starting to come into play. Due to the scraping, you can see old layers of paint on siding – buff – and trim – white.


And here’s someone’s opinion on either the new paint color or the entire process.

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